Logo and Branding

Three spiffy articles on logos and branding





Some things that make logos and branding powerful are it’s uniqueness. You want something completely original. You want something that stands out, not something that blends in. Another thing that can make or break you are your details.Β  Complexity isn’t always bad, but it isn’t always helpful either. It’s all up to you, but test things out first. For successful branding everything needs to match 100%. And for long term success it needs to be something you’re happy with for a while.

One other thing to think about is scale. When designing a logo, you must keep in mind that it may be small enough for business cards and stationary,Β  and yet be blown up to fit billboards. Everything with logo and branding always adds up.

Color also has a play with logos and branding. When choosing color, think of the psychology behind it. If you want a calming effect, go for the calming cool colors. If you want something drastic and exciting, go for the vibrant warm colors.

If your company is for exercise equipment, you don’t want to choose colors that have a negative effect on a person’s color psychology. For the best results, you choose colors that will motivate a customer, a client, or a user.


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