Having a Warby Life

I finally got a good job guys!

I’ve left a basically minimum wage job in downtown to work for a company that I truly believe in.

I’m now a Customer Experience Advisor for Warby Parker! If you don’t know what they do, here’s some of their fun things!

Warby Parker helps provide affordable eyewear for everyone! Low prices make glasses more accessible for customers. I’m quite guilty of buying maybe one or two pairs of glasses too many.

But is there really such a thing as too many pairs of glasses? Not in my world :)

Now I have a job that I love waking up for! I’ll admit when I started, there was a large learning curve. However, with the team on board with this company, I didn’t feel like I was too far behind. Everyone made everything so fun to do.

Instead of waking up and dreading the idea of getting up to go to work, I get excited. I love helping people and helping myself in the process. Now I have the urge to not only make goals, but to surpass them.

I really am excited for my journey here. I can’t wait to make even more goals soon.

Roadtrips for a Polar Bear

Recently my three best friends and I packed up a car right after work and drove from Nashville, Tennessee to Columbus, Ohio all to go to the zoo. Why? Because us twenty somethings are actual children.

The real answer is that we wanted to see Nora before she was moved to another zoo. Nora is a polar bear. And a cute one at that.


Anyone that knows me, knows that I adore polar bears. I can’t even explain why. I just do. I think they’re gorgeous and cute and I want to hug them all. Even though I know they are fully capable of ripping off my face. But they just look so snuggly!


So driving six hours after we all worked an 8 hour day was well worth it. And we’re always up for an adventure. Especially one that involves Columbus. Plus a stop in Cincinnati for Ikea, because well, IKEA! Sidenote, this trip was the first time I’d ever been able to go to Ikea. I was like a kid in a mother freaking candy shop, let me tell you. I wanted one of EVERYTHING. Don’t worry though, I only left with a pillow and a backpack.

Rain rain rain

The drive up was packed full of some killer playlists. Literally some of the best road music ever. Even when we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and it put our arrival time back past midnight. Still worth it.

When we got there though, boy was it wet. It rained almost the entire day. We ended up getting our Tim Horton’s fix and then driving out to the zoo, stopping for ponchos along the way. Boy did we look cute in those clear plastic sacks!

Even with the rain though, that trip was by far some of the most fun I’ve had in such a long time. And getting to share it all with my best friends, and the cutest polar bear in the world, made it even better.

Columbus is calling

I think the real moral of the story here is that I fell in love with a city that I wasn’t expecting to. We were walking the streets downtown for a short while after we ate lunch and it hit me. It’s definitely a place I can see myself going back to. It’s very gorgeous. I never expected feeling that way after only seeing the city all of twice my whole life. But I totally did. But I think it’s also the people I surround myself with. My girls are wonderful and are such bright spots in my life. This trip was something we all needed and I’m so glad we all got to go be carefree twenty something children together for a day.


Stress Stress Stress

I remember back in college I used to keep a little notebook full of ideas of how to keep stress away. It was always simple things like painting or reading a new book or even writing a new journal entry.

I thought I was cool stuff for thinking so far ahead.

The funny part is that I wasn’t thinking ahead at all. Because when you’re in art school, when painting and writing are basically part of you normal assignments on top of all the normal curricula, those things sound easy. But now I’m close to my mid-twenties and I have no time to paint. I barely even have time to read now.

Now I just bottle it up and hope for the best.

My friends really help me.

Whether it’s just going out for dinner or going out for a hockey game to support our team, we always like to squad it up doing our favorite things. I will always think that laughing with your favorite people is the best way to keep everything else away. Whether its stress or bad thoughts or general self hate. Laugh with your person and it’ll all fade away.

But whenever stress seems to win, it never hurts to keep a pint of ice cream in the freezer.

When You’re the Emo One

Life can get a little difficult when you feel everything so deeply. Whether its a song on the radio or book you’re in the middle of or even a comment that someone said hours ago that won’t leave your mind.

It can make things hard.

Expressing emotions is hard for me. I don’t like coming across as weak but I also really hate always bottling things up. It’s very much a catch 22 situation for my brain.

Sometimes the people in my life will notice. My face will give me away almost all of the time. But other times they won’t. Sometimes a comment will be said and it’ll be something I won’t forget for hours. Days even.

My brain screws me over 9 times out of 10.

I know my friends aren’t out to get me. I know they care about me. But my brain will do this thing that will tell me the opposite. I’ll think that they can’t stand me. Or that they want me to disappear. So I’ll shut down and go silent for a while. I don’t know why I do this to myself but I know it’s because I’ll feel something too deeply. I’ll take something too personally and instead of brushing it off, knowing it was nothing, my brain will make it out to be something. Something much bigger than it should be.

Someone in my corner

My friends my not always know when something is bothering me. But they do know how to support me regardless. Whether its talking to me during a meltdown or calming me down during an anxiety attack. It’s nice knowing that I always have someone in my corner. Even when my corner feels like a complete mess.

Drowning Above Water

Who says strong swimmers don’t struggle?

Who says you have to be under water to be drowning?

Too often lately I’ve felt like all I’ve been doing is trying to keep my head above the water. Whether it’s with difficult clients at work or the stress I put on myself with trying to get out of my house.

But there’s just so much on my plate lately. And treading water seems so damn tiring. The last thing I want to do after working ten hours a day is go out with friends to a bar just to sit around and not drink. I’d much rather be in my bed binge watching something on Netflix or reading another book.

Worrying kills free time

Instead, my free time is spent worrying about what I could be doing. Spreadsheets that could be updated. Calendars that could be planned. But not my calendar, my social life is basically extinct.

See where the whole drowning thing starts to make itself present? Every time I think I FINALLY have everything under control, I’ll get a new email or a message and it’s like a tidal wave hits me. So much for planning ahead.

I guess the good thing is that I can handle it. I am a strong swimmer. I will never give up. I may have to make some changes but I’ll get even stronger at it. Treading the water will get easier. I may feel like I’m drowning but then I’ll get a breath of fresh air and the struggle will all feel worth it.

1900 Miles From Home

For the first time in my life, I flew cross-country alone. I left my Nashville home to spend time in Mountain Home Idaho. I know, I know. Why trade the bustling city life of Nashville Tennessee for potato country? The answer is quite simple. It all comes down to two words. My family.

Mountain Home has a population hovering around 20,000 people. What you may not expect is that approximately 15,000 of those people live on base. Native to Mountain Home is a United States Air Force base. That’s what got me here. Well pretty much. Here’s why…

My uncle, Jason, is an Airman. Currently he is deployed to Qatar. I’m proud of his willingness to serve and for all the things he does for his family. Unfortunately this means that he is nearly a world away from his wife and his kiddos. My aunt Amy, and cousins miss him dearly but they all know that he will be home as soon as he can. Put in perspective that my aunt and cousins only miss one person, but my uncle misses all three. It’s hard, but families are forever. So a short deployment is better than a long one!

Jason left to serve his deployment shortly after the Christmas holidays. If all things go as scheduled, he’ll be reunited with my lovely aunt just in time for their wedding anniversary mid May. Fingers crossed that all goes well!

Amy and Jason have a real life fairytale love, complete with castles. So you can imagine how hard it is for these two to be apart for any length of time especially almost half a year! Throw two toddlers into the mix and an already rough situation just got a wee bit harder.

Evie is a little over 2, and she is absolutely one of the smartest kids ever. Ender is just about 16 months old and he is one of the strongest little guys I’ve ever met. And I may be biased being family and all, but it’s true. Ever had a 2-year-old count to 14, list every color known to mankind just about, list off 72 different animals AND quote the entire script to Tangled, Frozen and Turbo? Well Evie can do all of the above. And Ender?! The kid can lift up bags of potatoes (hardy har har IDAHO potatoes!), climb up on things nearly twice his height, and have a serious tug of war with you and just about win. Needless to say, these children are definite angels but also a lot of work. However, all totally worth me traveling the 1900 miles from home to come see.

Considering I still haven’t found the perfect job after graduating college at the end of last year, I figured I’d put this newly found time on my hands to good use. So I’m here to do anything at all to make life a little easier for Amy. Diapers, naps, baths, cleaning, laundry, I’m here to do anything needed. Even if that means being here so that Amy has another adult in the house to talk to. I absolutely love being here to help my family in anyway possible. What I didn’t expect was how much this trip would help me. I’ve found beauty in absolutely all of it. In just spending time with two wonderful toddlers and an amazing aunt and in everything Idaho is.

Idaho is mainly desert, big surprise I know, but still it’s a very gorgeous desert. Sprinkled with mountains and A LOT of tumbleweed. Seriously though, it’s exactly what you would expect to see in an old Western movie. But other than the occasional tumbleweed blowing out right in front of you, there are more things than just tumbleweeds and potatoes.

For example, one of the coolest sights I saw after arriving took place one morning right after an amazing thunderstorm. The temperatures had dropped just enough so that when it rained, it capped the mountains in snow. We were driving into town to run some errands when I looked out the window and saw a graceful cloud fall. It seriously mesmerized me. It literally looked like a waterfall in sky only it was made out of clouds. I was like a kid in a candy shop. Or rather, just like Evie and Ender when they get popsicles.

Then another day Amy took me up some windy roads and before I knew it we were at a lookout where you could see the mountains, majestic and stunning. Photos didn’t even do them justice. I spent a while there just observing it all. The mountains here are definitely bigger than the ones back home, that’s for sure.


All these things helped me finally realized that there’s always something beautiful to find. Whether it is out the window of the car, or in the face of a beautiful child. It does the soul good to just slow down and take time to appreciate the little things. Or instead of wasting time stressing about landing your dream job, putting that energy into something more productive. Even if it took traveling 1900 miles to realize that the world won’t end when things don’t go as planned but rather give yourself a whole new start.

Life As a College Graduate

Hey guys, guess what?! I’m officially complete with my college journey! I’m the proud owner of a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic and Web Design!

I’m officially a big kid now!! Granted I’m up to my eyeballs in student loans and debt. But I can honestly say that it was all worth it.

I’m excited to begin my journey in the Design field. Although I will say that when Monday rolls around the corner I won’t know what to do with myself! I’ve had the routine of going to school everyday since I was five years old. Now that I’m done, I’ll have so much time that I’ll have to find use for!

But that in itself it quite exciting. I’ll be thrilled to be able to work on some of the projects I’ve got piled up in sketchbooks and sticky notes. It’ll be grand!

Plus with all that time, I’ll be able to do some job hunting! The sooner I have one the better right? Right! Gotta pay back those bills back ASAP!

All in all it’s been a grand thrill. Between all the ups and all the downs and the breakdowns I don’t think I would change it at all.

I remember being so stressed out that I thought I was going to fall apart and a friend of mine said. “You know, one day you’ll look back and just laugh at all the things you’ve worried about. You’ll see.”

I looked at him like he was the stupidest person on the planet. How could I laugh at these struggles? I never wanted to feel like I did at that point in time. Ever.

But you know what? He was right. Now I can look back and laugh. It has been a bumpy ride, but one that I can say I enjoyed with the window down and the music loud.

I love it. And now I have a new perspective on my life. I can’t wait to start anew and share my adventures with the world!